Dzongu Butterflies - Thamblyok

It is fairly recent, since I began appreciating the fact that our ​Nye Mayel lyang​,  especially Dzongu, is truly blessed with beautiful species of butterflies known  as ​Thamblyok in Lepcha. During my explorations, I had to acknowledge  that Dzongu is indeed a paradise for butterfly enthusiasts. This has been established  earlier on by individuals like Isaac Kehimkar who published a book on Indian  butterflies, similarly, Ms. Meena Haribal and Mr. Nosang Muringla Limboo  have also based their respective books on Sikkim butterflies after having visited  Dzongu​ ​in​ ​north​ ​Sikkim,​ ​among​ ​few​ ​other​ ​places.

Blue-tail Jester  -  Bright Sunbeam  -  Great Nawab           Isaac Kehimkar      

Simply understood, butterflies are categorised as insects and this is the knowledge  imparted by books at school. However, there is more to this beautiful insect which  surpasses any generalisations that books suggest. The inspiration to learn more  about them, began when I was on the way to Namprickdang o…


Morning sun over the Himalayas - Dzongu.

Dzongu in the north district of Sikkim, although small in terms of area hold special historical 
and cultural significance for the indigenous Lepchas. Lepchas are the original inhabitant 
of Sikkim, Mayel-lyang. Dzongu is one of the beautiful geographical locales in north Sikkim 
and is encompassed by high mountains, hills, valleys and rivers owing to which it boasts of 
rich flora and fauna. Such regions prove to be suitable for hosting butterflies and it is primarily 
because of this that there are numerous fascinating species found here in Dzongu.

Young Lepcha in his traditional clothes.

I believe that in future, places like Dzongu can prove to be important geographical habitats 
for promoting conservation and protection measures for various butterfly species. It will be 
equally potent to build awareness about these precious habitants with the help of eco-tourism 
and by means of informative guided tours for nature enthusiasts that are aimed at sharin…


Nosang Muringla Limboo

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Nosang Muringla Limboo (Green Ambassador of Sikkim) from Darap - West Sikkim, who encouraged and inspired me by his positive work. He always had a good time for my book: "The book on Dzongu Butterflies". I am very much thankful to him for forwarding my book.

Nawangla G. Bhutia

 I have more to mention President of "Butterfly & Moth of Sikkim" Mr. Nawangla G. Bhutia thank you so much for always supporting and guiding me.  I believe that we can work together in more coming days. 

Sonam Wangschuk Lepcha Noom-Panang village GPU Passingdang Saffo upper Dzongu Mangan - North District - Sikkim
Phone number: +91-7872420775 E-mail:


Butterflies are beautiful in their colors and dancing movements. In the fantastic Dzongu in North Sikkim the most beautiful and glorious butterflies flutter. The butterfly expert Sonam Wangschuk Lepcha has in and around his home town Noom Panang in the Dzongu the masterly and rare butterflies are captured with the camera. In his book "Dzongu Butterflies" he presents the most beautiful butterfly photos. 

The presentation of the book "DZONGU BUTTERFLIES" was led by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling of Sikkim, the spokesman Shri Sonam Gyasto Lepcha, cum area MLA Dzongu, the "Joint Director" HRDD North Shri Sonam Lepcha,  the motivated me to this book and supported me in my work.

"Dzongu Butterflies" by Sonam Wangschuk Lepcha  -A first-class book for all butterflies friends-

The book is available in stores:

Guady Baron

Ren. Nosang Muringla Limboo, author of "The Flying Pearls of Sikkim Himalaya". A Picture Guide book on the butterflies of Sikkim cum President of Sikkim Ornithological Society and Green Ambassador of Sikkim declared:
"Guady Baron" being recorded in Sikkim for the first time in 2016 by brother  Sonam Wangchuk Lepcha from Dzongu - North Sikkim.

I am glad that "Guady Baron Butterfly" there are no records of it being photographed  earlier from Sikkim which makes me the first person to photograph and document it through  Good News, Sikkim magazine will no less than scientific journal for a beginner like me.  Thank you -Ren Nosang Muringla- for your guidance and support.

Sonam Wangchuk Lepcha (SOS Member)

Indian Tortoiseshell

I'm glad to share you all about INDIAN TORTOISESHELL (Aglais cashniriensis)  whose wingspan is 55-65mm with beautiful colours and patterns like the legend  TIGER on the back. This butterfly are common and are mainly seen on the months  from Oct-Jan in and around Dzongu areas, North Sikkim. They are commonly seen  playing in the road sides and in deep forest specially at dry places also in village  areas with no fear with the people like us enjoying the sunny day. They are mostly found up to 4,945m. And yes they do flies very closed to ground level. 

One can visit to above mentioned months for best spot for this butterfly in Dzongu  and get change to meet many others butterflies at the same time.

Leebek Lee Homestay Ideal place for a butterfly safari.


Dzongu Butterflies

Blue Bottle
Blue Dutsches Yellow Jewebel
Jungle Queen
Striped Tiger
Golden Sapphire
Yellow Flat

Hill Jebezel

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